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The Union - Athens, OH
March 24th / 2012

The Limit -Nashville, TN
March 30th / 2012

VampireFreaks just released "Cry for Death" Volume One (Industrial / Electro Edition)". This FREE compilation exclusively features CMD's track "Your Flesh" from the upcoming debut album.

Compiled by: Jet, Deathwish, Cliff Cage, End: The DJ
Mastering where needed: iVardensphere

Goto for the complete listing and here for a direct link to download "Your Flesh".

Your Flesh by commonmandown

It's been a busy month for the band. Firstly, hello to all our new fans on facebook! Feel free to drop by and introduce yourselves and/or add our personal accounts.

As an update for the album--we've been working around the clock in the studio finalizing mixes. Our good friend Steven Seibold from Hate Dept. is assisting with additional mixing/mastering. I'm very excited to get this out and into your hands, I know some of you have been waiting for a while. The album was scheduled to be released much sooner, but I'm ultimately glad for the delay. I didn't want to rush through our first release. Time has allowed the material to really evolve/grow and let my perfectionist side take over.

Other exciting things are also in the works and coming your way. Keep visiting back to check in!